Product Information

Product Information

Foundry Sector


Joban Machinery Co., Ltd has the foundry sector with a history since 1937, and it has been enhanced the contents of the business with changing times. The foundry sector operates melting and casting for variety of products of the gray iron (FC250/300) and the ductile cast iron (FCD400/450/500/600). We have the green sand cast automatic molding line and the furan sand self-hardening bench molding line and we can produce products weigh from 10kg to 700kg. Our production capacity is approximately 400t/month. Our products are primarily used as automotive components, construction equipment components, and hydraulic equipments’ components, etc.

Equipment of Foundry Sector

FacilityName and CapacityQuantity
MeltingHigh frequency electric furnace1.5t/B2 furnaces
(includes Sand processing)
AMS-08 Machine molding line800 x 850 x 350 / 350
1 line
Furan bench molding line20t/month1 line
Core making system 1 set
MachiningOverhead shot blast0.5t/set,2t/sets3 blasts
Drum-type shot blast1t/B1 blast
Compressor75kW3 compressors
Annealing furnace20t/B1 furnace
Welding machine300~500A2 machines

Machining Sector


In 1938, one year after the foundry sector, the machinery plant of Joban Machinery Co., Ltd started running. The machinery plant has been operated broad production from the precision work for small parts to large parts for construction machines, and now the plant created the integrated manufacturing system including the assembly of hydraulic motors using our existing strength that we can make foundry materials on its own. Our hydraulic motor is used worldwide under the brand name of KYB Co., Ltd and is highly trusted. Of course, we are good at handling single parts.

Breakdown of Facilities in Machining Process Sector

Facility No.FacilityQuantity
1Vertical Machining Center5 machines
2Horizontal Machining Center14 machines
3NC lathe16 machines
4Lathe7 machines
5Milling Machine3 machines
6Honing Machine3 machines
7Hobbing Machine2 machines
8Drilling Machine7 machines
9Grinding Machine11 machines
10Others54 machines
 Total:122 machines