Privacy Policy

Joban Machinery Co., Ltd.: Policy on the Protection of Personal Information

Joban Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as gthe Companyh) is recognizing that it is the basic of our company business to appropriately handle and securely manage the information that is provided to us by our customers; insomuch as, the Company sets forth the following policies, taking particular care in its handling, and actively working towards its protection.

  1. In collecting personal information, the Company shall collect personal information through just and fair means. Following the guidelines on the personal information protection law of government ministries responsible for the security of information, the Company shall use / provide collected information within the bounds of the intended use.
  2. Excepting situations outlined in the Protection lows, personal information will not, on principle, be provided to third parties without advance consent from the individual whose personal information is concerned.
  3. Within the scope of purpose obtained agreement, the Company shall collect personal information. Only the authorized person for a specific operation shall use collected information for the accomplished of such necessary administrative duties.
  4. The Company shall implement safety measures in a suitable manner to prevent any and all personal information from being accessed in an unauthorized manner, from being leaked, lost, altered, or damaged. Also the Company will attempt to continue improvements on safety measures.
  5. The company shall appoint Chief Privacy Officer (CPO). Also, in order to insure the just treatment of personal information, the Company shall adopt policies for the continual training of employees.
  6. The Company will be willing to take care of enquiries and/or consultations pertaining to personal information. In any event, any and all enquires or consultations from any customer shall be handled in an adequate manner.
    Inquiries regarding personal information may be directed to> email: /Tel: 0246-26-3111


Kazukichi Endo, President


The policy may be updated as needed. In that case, all the update will be informed on our website.